Made with Xara © Lorem ipsum dolor 2010 © Lorem ipsum dolor 2010 © Arkansas Pathology Associates 2010 Arkansas Pathology Associates, P.A., provides processing and interpretation of a wide variety of non-gynecologic specimens including, but not limited to urines, sputums, bronchial washings and brushings, body cavity fluids, cerebrospinal fluid, gastric and esophageal washings and brushings, nipple secretions, and Fine Needle Aspiration(s) (FNAs). Pathologists perform superficial FNAs on sites including thyroid, breast, salivary glands, and lymph nodes.  This sampling technique can provide a prompt, cost effective and safe diagnostic tool in the evaluation of palpable lesions.  FNAs are often used as an alternative to surgery or to determine the course of treatment and/or assist in a planned surgical approach.  Interpretation of material obtained by radiographically guided fine needle aspirations of deeper sites (i.e., liver, lung, retroperitoneum) is an additional diagnostic avenue available.