© Arkansas Pathology Associates 2010 FLOW CYTOMETRY-SURFACE MARKERS Panel Description -Lymphoma Phenotyping -Leukemia Phenotyping -Immunocompetency Panel  (cd3, cd4, cd8, cd19) -Helper/Inducer, cd4 Assay -Anti-Platelet   Immunoglobulin (IgG) Specimen Type/Shipping Requirements -PB, TISSUE, FLUIDS, BM -PB, BM, TISSUE, FLUIDS -PB -PB -PB Turnaround Time -24 hours -24 hours -24 hours -24 hours -24 hours -PB-Peripheral Blood.  One-two 5 ml EDTA anticoagulated tubes, maintain at room temperature.  Ship protected from heat,  next day delivery.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE. -BM-Bone Marrow Aspirate.  Place 1-2 mls in EDTA.   Ship on wet ice, next day delivery. -FLUID-Fresh body fluid.  May be anticoagulated with heparin.  Add an equal volume of Minimal Essential Medium, ship on  wet ice, next day delivery. -TISSUE-Fresh unfixed tissue.  Mince gently in Minimal Essential Medium.  Ship on wet ice, next day delivery. -Specimen Turnaround and Report Formats:  Specimen turnaround times are started at time of specimen receipt.  Results will be faxed when FAX numbers are provided.  Hardcopy results are mailed via US Mail. -Problems or Questions Regarding Specimen Handling or Processing:  We encourage questions regarding any sampling concern.  We are flexible on panel configurations/combinations. SPECIMEN TYPE LEGEND: