Made with Xara © Lorem ipsum dolor 2010 © Arkansas Pathology Associates 2010 Arkansas Pathology Associates, P.A., offers histopathology services for processing and interpretation of your pathology tissue specimens.  We strive to provide the most rapid turn around time possible without compromising the quality of the specimen.  Our laboratory provides the latest technologies in equipment, including microwave processing and procedures, which provide consistent high quality results.  Consultative review of difficult cases is welcomed.  A report will be issued on the same day the slides are received, barring any possible additional studies. Currently, we utilize Aperio for the following IHC applications:  Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, Her2/neu, and Ki67 (proliferative index).  We also offer a large menu of other IHC and IF stains. Aperio provides a suite of quantitative image analysis tools for IHC that emulates the sophisticated cell based analysis and scoring as performed by pathologists, classifies each cell accurately and consistently based on its staining characteristics, and then accurately counts all classified cells.  Aperio’s image analysis achieves unmatched performance, by providing a digital pathology system that allows one to create high quality images of the whole slide, which can then be evaluated by a pathologist remotely.